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Devil’s Deception

Image Source: | Author: badjonni | Title: run from the red flower
Don’t fall into the devil’s deception cause i’ve been there
Speaking through experience all it takes is a stare 
Don’t fall for worldly pleasures cause there called worldly for a reason
The more you dance with the devil the closer you are to treasonGet your priorities straight pick what really takes affect
My advice is to pray and keep your faith erect
Follow the way of your pious ancestors and upright brothers
For on the days of judgement you will be questioned on your actions
not your forefathersFor every act you act you will be judged
and every reward rewarded ten
But no soul can burden another’s burden

Allah has blessed us with this deen
the greatest blessing ever
Better than being strong,loved or clever
So dont get distracted by the dunya’s smoke screen 
And be gratefull you aren’t among the mushrikeen
Are youth these days their minds infested with sex, music and dope
What happened to fearing our lord with love and hope
Because true belief is not complete with until we have three
May Allah guide us to the sirat al Mustakeem
My dear brother and sisters this serves as a reminder for me 
Accomplish the three
Love fear and hope towards your lord and follow the prophetic way
And InshAllah the most merciful will not lead you astray
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